Tuesday, September 30, 2014

When to Consider Replacing your Computer

Have you ever wondered how your computer indicates or shows you it maybe time to consider replacing it? I am a firm believer use your computer as long as you can - i.e. if it is still working and doing what you want or need it to do, there is no need to replace it. However, there are very distinct warning signs that you may need to replace it soon.  Some of these symptoms can be cured by maintenance of your computer but if you are experiencing many of this symptoms, you may consider it is time to start looking for another computer. Here is the list of some of  the warning signs:

  1. The most obvious - it died - won't start at all. 
  2. Does it take 15 minutes or longer to boot up ( i.e. turn on)?
  3. Is the computer more that 5 years old?
  4. Is the operating system on the computer more than 10 years old or no longer supported?
  5. Does it seem to take forever for websites to load?
  6. Have you seen the blue screen of death or sometimes scarier just plan blank screen?
  7. Does the fan make a terrible noise?
  8. Does it shut down or turn itself off when it gets too hot?
    (This happens in some older laptops especially)
If you have reached the point it is time to get another computer, here are some tips to consider before you go looking for a new one:
  1. Figure out what you need or want the computer to be able to do i.e. email, graphics, genealogy, bookkeeping, letters, etc.
  2. Is there specific software that runs better or only runs on one type of computer i.e. MAC vs PC i.e. some booking software tends to run better in Windows i.e. PC?
  3. What size of screen/monitor do you want to use?
  4. What is your budget (get the best computer your budget allows)?
  5. How long do you want this computer to last (hint: sometimes spending a little more up front may get you a better machine that will last longer)?
  6. Where do you want to use it i.e. if for traveling - consider a laptop or maybe even a tablet?
  7. Do your homework before you go to a store: compare the ads i.e. either online or newspaper.
Bottom line - you need to know what you want a computer to do and which software it needs to run before you get into a store to buy one. Prepare before going shopping. If you are armed with your comparisons, specs and needs, the chances are greater you will buy the right computer for you.

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