Monday, June 30, 2014

Desktop Clutter - Is it slowing down your computer?

I know I’m guilty of saving files/folder on the desktop of our computer so that I can find it easily. On both MACs and PCs, this additional clutter or amount of files/folders can and if you have enough will slow down the computer. I have even witnessed (not a computer I own but on a friend’s computer) that if enough is stored/save directly on the desktop, the computer not only ran slow but it no longer allowed for more saving, copying or pasting of files/folders. (Note: this problem was solved by deleting some files and then moving most of the files to the main user folder)

The bottom line:
To organize the information for easy access from your desktop what I recommend is create your folders in the main user folder and then create a shortcut or alias to these folder(s) on the desktop instead . Then save directly into these folders using the shortcut or alias.
If you still want to store something temporarily on the desktop you can put it there but when done move them as soon as possible into one of folders in the main user folder. To move the file or folder just do this just click and drag it onto appropriate the shortcut or alias icon and let go of the mouse button. Having the shortcuts save time and frustration for locating files.

Windows PC - Directions to create shortcut
1.      Start Windows Explorer or File Explorer
(Press Flying Windows key +E)
2.      Find the file or folder
3.      Do a right click on it
4.      Move mouse onto Send to
5.      Click on Desktop (create short cut)

MAC OS X- Directions to create an alias
1.      Start Finder
2.      Locate the file/folder
3.      Press the Command and Option keys while you drag the icon to another folder or the desktop.

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